Quali due giocatori del Milan potrebbero essere in lizza per prolungamenti contrattuali – rapporto

Article translated and rewritten in English:

According to reports on Monday, Milan is looking to extend the contracts of two key players at the end of the 2023-24 season: Captain Davide Calabria and midfielder Yacine Adli.

While several players’ contracts are set to expire soon, such as veteran goalkeeper Antonio Mirante and less-utilized Mattia Caldara, Calabria and Adli are the current priorities. According to Calciomercato.com, Calabria’s contract expires in 2025, while Adli’s contract is up in 2026.

Milan directors Giorgio Furlani and Goeffrey Moncada are expected to enter negotiations with Calabria’s representatives soon to discuss a contract renewal. Calabria, who currently earns around €2m per year, is likely to see a slight increase with a new deal on the table.

Adli, who has had an impressive 2023-24 season, is also in line for a contract extension. The 23-year-old Frenchman is considered an integral part of Milan’s future plans, and his strong bond with the club and its fans only adds to his significance. If he agrees to a new deal, Adli, who currently earns €800,000 per season, may receive a salary bump.

Stay tuned for updates on the contract negotiations for these two Milan players.