Indicazioni sul problema dei freni già presenti in passato

( – “Normally our car likes the faster corners, so we hope to show that again this weekend,” says Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen eagerly before the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka.

After not seeing the checkered flag in the previous race in Australia due to a problem with the rear brake, the Dutchman is hoping to bounce back in Japan and secure his third consecutive Suzuka victory.

He already triumphed in 2022 and 2023 at the Honda home race, and two years ago he even secured his second world title there. And the disappointment at the last race in Australia doesn’t worry him for two reasons.

First, he remembers: “If you look at the performance in Melbourne, we were fast.” Verstappen had put the Red Bull on pole on Saturday. The retirement on Sunday was “not ideal,” but the pace itself was good.

And in response to whether he is worried that the problem that led to his retirement in Albert Park two weeks ago could happen again in Japan this weekend, Verstappen straightforwardly says, “No.”

To recap: shortly after the start of the race, the right rear brake on the Red Bull got stuck, forcing the Dutchman to eventually stop the car. Red Bull did not provide an official explanation for how this could have happened.

Verstappen now reveals, “We saw some signs on Saturday where things may not have been as they should have been. Of course, looking back, it was probably the brake caliper.”

But at that time, they didn’t know, and even after his retirement, they didn’t find any faults with the car itself. Instead, Verstappen hints that a mechanic may have made a mistake.

“There wasn’t really a problem, but of course, you have to secure it properly,” he says. Asked how the defect occurred, he deflects: “It’s very difficult to explain how something like that could happen. But the most important thing is that it doesn’t happen again.”

“The procedures have been slightly changed to ensure that this does not happen again,” says the world champion, who does not blame his team. He emphasizes, “We will just continue and learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.”

“But normally it shouldn’t happen again,” the world champion clarifies. Regardless, the question of whether Verstappen would have won the race in Melbourne without the defect still remains open.

While he believes he had a good chance, Sergio Perez said in Melbourne that his teammate probably wouldn’t have seen the checkered flag first regardless – and neither would he.

Perez also mentions that the main issue in Melbourne was graining, which affected their performance compared to Ferrari and McLaren who were stronger in that aspect. They learned from their mistakes and are focused on improving in Japan.

Therefore, there is not much against another Suzuka victory for the Bulls this weekend.