Cagliari, Ranieri durante la conferenza stampa: “Gli errori degli arbitri saranno sempre presenti. E riguardo a Gaetano…”

Claudio Ranieri, who is currently the head coach of Cagliari, recently held a press conference ahead of their upcoming match against Atalanta, managed by Gasperini. Ranieri shared his thoughts and insights on the game and his team’s preparations for the tough challenge ahead.

Ranieri emphasized the difficulty of the upcoming fixtures, mentioning that they have a total of 8 tough matches to play. He acknowledged Atalanta as a strong and well-organized team, referring to them as a formidable opponent. Despite this, Ranieri remains confident in his team’s abilities and their game plan to secure points in every match they play.

Regarding player updates, Ranieri mentioned that Gaetano had not been training with the full squad throughout the week. However, he highlighted Gaetano’s dedication to physical training and mentioned that the player had rejoined the group for the last three training sessions.

In discussing the topic of refereeing decisions, Ranieri expressed understanding for the challenges faced by referees, especially in crucial stages of the season where teams are fighting for different objectives. He acknowledged that mistakes are inevitable but praised the role of VAR in minimizing these errors. Ranieri also stressed the importance of players and coaching staff supporting referees on the field to reduce mistakes and uphold the authority of match officials.

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Overall, Ranieri’s comments reflect his focused approach and determination to navigate through the challenges of the season with Cagliari. Fans will undoubtedly be eager to see how the team performs in the upcoming matches, especially against strong opponents like Atalanta.