Juric: “Crediamo nell’Europa. Vi spiego perché Sanabria sarà titolare” pre Empoli Torino

Ivan Juric, the coach of Torino, shared his thoughts ahead of the Empoli-Torino match in an interview with Sky Sport. Juric highlighted the quality of Empoli as a team that can attack high and wait for opportunities, making it a very tough match for his squad. He emphasized that it will be a great battle on the field.

Regarding the decision to start Sanabria, Juric expressed confidence in the player’s form and recent performance. Sanabria had a good game in the previous match, and Juric believes that he and his teammates need to find the right balance on the field, with one player pushing forward and the other covering the defensive areas. Juric is optimistic that they will perform well together against Empoli.

Looking ahead to the possibility of qualifying for Europe, Juric stressed the importance of belief and determination. He mentioned that the team has been through tough times but is now in a position to achieve something meaningful. Juric urged his players to believe in themselves and push beyond their limits in order to make their European dreams a reality.

With Juric’s strategic insights and motivational words, Torino fans can look forward to an exciting and competitive match against Empoli. The coach’s confidence in his team’s abilities and his tactical approach will surely make for an intense and entertaining game on the field.