Jamie Carragher e Gary Neville dissentono sullo stella dell’Arsenal Ben White | Calcio

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville discussing Ben White’s future with the England national team. According to Neville, White could potentially start as a central defender for England at Euro 2024 if he made himself available for selection. Carragher, on the other hand, defended White’s decision to step away from international football and expressed surprise at Neville’s claim.

White recently asked not to be considered for England’s friendlies against Brazil and Belgium, citing personal reasons. He had a disagreement with assistant coach Steve Holland during the Qatar World Cup, leading to his decision to leave the squad.

Neville sees White as a potential starter at centre-back for England, considering his strong performances at Arsenal and his experience playing in that position at Brighton. However, Carragher believes White is currently behind other right-back options in the England squad and does not see his absence as a major issue.

The discussion between Carragher and Neville highlights differing opinions on White’s future with the England team and raises questions about his potential role in the squad moving forward.