Joao Pedro: “Ho sofferto molto per l’addio al Cagliari”

Joao Pedro, former player of Cagliari, has released statements about the Sardinian team and the journey they are on

Today, the portal ilovepalermocalcio conducted a long interview with Joao Pedro Geraldino dos Santos Galvao. The former player and captain of Cagliari shared his thoughts on the team led by Claudio Ranieri. Here are some of his key statements:

Relegation Cagliari – “As captain of that team, I suffered a lot from the relegation and the decision to leave. It was not only my choice, but the club had also made its decision. Being naturally very competitive, I decided to try my luck in another league, experiencing playing for a club aiming to win the championship.”

Cagliari and Palermo – “I always follow Palermo and Cagliari, although due to the time zone, I do not always manage to watch the games. Cagliari is led by a great coach and the bond between the team and the fans is definitely an added value. This aspect is also evident in Palermo, where the fans come to the stadium in large numbers to support the team. I root for them and hope that both teams can achieve their respective goals.”

Italy-Macedonia – “In that match, one of the few regrets of my career finds its place. Despite playing few minutes, I wish I could have done more and I feel that I could have. That night, the doors to a World Cup were once again closed for our National team, and this is a wound that will always remain open.”

Acerbi-Juan Jesus – “I have read some things but I do not allow myself to judge. I know both of them. I have a familial bond with Juan Jesus, while with Acerbi, we have been protagonists in many battles on the field. Racism in football unfortunately remains a sensitive issue. It is a topic that needs to be addressed firmly, otherwise it will never end.”

Joao Pedro’s insights provide a glimpse into his perspective on his time at Cagliari, his connections to other clubs, and his opinions on important issues in football. It is always interesting to hear from former players about their experiences and views on the current state of the game. Fans of Cagliari, Palermo, and football in general will appreciate these reflections from Joao Pedro.