Cosa fa Tonali ogni giorno durante la sospensione di 10 mesi

Sandro Tonali’s daily routine during his 10-month FIGC suspension mainly includes training, therapy sessions, and spending time with his family, according to recent reports from La Gazzetta dello Sport. The former Milan midfielder has been suspended since October 2023 due to his involvement in prohibited betting practices, as confirmed by the FIGC. Additionally, Tonali has been charged with misconduct by the FA in England for allegedly placing 50 bets between August and October 2023 after his transfer from Milan to Newcastle for €80 million. Despite these challenges, Tonali is said to be doing well and is focused on his recovery. In England, he is attending therapy sessions with specialist Prof. Gabriele Sani and is training rigorously in preparation for his return to action on August 27 after his suspension ends. Tonali is also receiving support from his family, partner Giulia, and agent Giuseppe Riso of GR Sports. Although he knows he still has work to do in overcoming his addictions, Tonali is eagerly anticipating his return to St James’ Park.