Jurgen Klopp afferma che lo stile di Roberto De Zerbi “va contro la mia personalità” | Calcio

Jurgen Klopp and Roberto De Zerbi will meet at Anfield on Sunday. Klopp admires De Zerbi’s Brighton team but acknowledges that their style of play does not align with his own personality. Despite this, Liverpool will face Brighton as they aim to reclaim the top spot in the Premier League before Manchester City’s match against Arsenal later that day.

Klopp has had difficulties against De Zerbi in their recent encounters, with two wins and two draws for Brighton in their last four meetings. The German coach acknowledges the impressive job De Zerbi has done at Brighton but admits it is not the style he would prefer to coach.

De Zerbi’s team poses a challenge for Liverpool due to their unique style of play, which Klopp describes as structured and demanding. He notes that while he may not coach in the same way, it is interesting to see the different approach that De Zerbi has taken with his team.

Despite the challenge that Brighton may pose, Klopp is looking forward to the match and believes that Liverpool also has the capability to defeat any team on their day. The clash between Liverpool and Brighton promises to be an intriguing encounter with contrasting styles of play on display.