Presidente FIGC su Acerbi: “Noi gli crediamo, la sentenza deve essere rispettata”

The President of FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, publicly supported the decision to acquit Inter defender Francesco Acerbi after an investigation into alleged racist comments made towards Napoli’s Juan Jesus. Gravina emphasized that the verdict must be respected.

In the midst of a 1-1 draw between Inter and Napoli on March 17, Juan Jesus accused Acerbi of using racist language, specifically the ‘n*****’ word. Acerbi, on the other hand, claimed he said, “‘I’ll beat you black and blue.” Both players were questioned as part of the investigation led by Giuseppe Chine and the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office.

Due to a lack of evidence supporting Juan Jesus’ claims, Acerbi was officially acquitted by FIGC. Gravina, speaking at the League Assembly, expressed his belief in Acerbi’s version of events and stressed the importance of respecting the decision.

Acerbi was also omitted from Italy’s national team squad under Luciano Spalletti during the investigation. Gravina explained that this was a precautionary measure to avoid distractions, not because Acerbi was already convicted. The president expressed his support for Acerbi and his belief in the player’s account of the incident.