Agente Motta: ‘Sono certo che allenerà nella Champions League’

Dario Canovi, the agent of highly sought-after Bologna coach Thiago Motta, is confident that his client will reach the pinnacle of coaching in the Champions League and jokingly threatens to hold him accountable if he doesn’t. Motta has been receiving accolades for his impressive work at Bologna, where the team currently holds fourth place in Serie A, five points ahead of Roma in fifth. Canovi believes that Motta’s path to becoming an elite coach was predestined, even during his playing days. He stated, “I have always believed that he would become one of the top coaches in Europe.”

Motta has been attracting interest from various clubs across Europe, with Milan being one of the most frequently rumored destinations. Canovi attributes Motta’s success to the supportive environment at Bologna, emphasizing the strong bond between the players and their coach. He even jokingly threatened Motta, promising to come back from the heavens to kick his behind if he doesn’t coach in the Champions League.

Recent reports suggest that Bologna is eager to extend Motta’s contract, indicating a potential for him to achieve his coaching goals in Europe while staying with the team. Canovi’s unwavering support and belief in Motta’s abilities underline the agent’s confidence that his client will eventually coach in the Champions League.