Dilemma Inter: che fare con Valentin Carboni? Il prezzo del suo cartellino continua a salire

Next summer, Inter will have to decide how to manage Valentin Carboni: his value is around 30 million, should he be sold or kept?

Considered for years one of the most important jewels of Inter’s entire youth sector, Valentin Carboni is experiencing a season of definitive explosion. Arriving on loan to Monza last summer, he not only demonstrated that he is already more than ready to be a protagonist in one of the best European leagues, but at the end of March, at just 19 years old, he made his debut in the senior Argentine national team.

The value of his contract has grown week by week in recent months, so much so that today it is not difficult to think that there may be clubs willing to push themselves up to 25-30 million just to secure him.

At the end of the season, Carboni will return to Inter and it will be up to the Nerazzurri club to decide how to proceed: keep him on the roster, loan him out again, or cash in a very important sum?