Ozil svela: “Ho sempre desiderato giocare per la Juve” – IMMAGINE

Mesut Ozil, the former Turkish footballer, has made a surprising revelation about his desire to wear the jersey of Juventus. In a post on his social media profiles, Ozil expressed his love for Juventus and the now faded dream of being able to play for the Bianconeri during his career.

The post read, “Proud of my career and all the amazing clubs I’ve had the privilege to play for – only one club that was missing: My Italian love Juventus. Juve, storia di un grande amore. #M10 #ForzaJuve 🇮🇹 @s04 💙 | @werderbremen 💚 | @realmadrid 🤍 | @Arsenal ❤️ | @Fenerbahce…” This statement clearly shows Ozil’s admiration for the Italian club and his regret of not being able to represent them on the field.

Ozil’s words have sparked a wave of curiosity and excitement among football fans, especially those of Juventus. The idea of Ozil, known for his playmaking abilities and vision on the field, wearing the black and white stripes of Juventus is indeed tantalizing.

Although Ozil’s dream of playing for Juventus may remain unfulfilled, his affection for the club is evident. His acknowledgment of Juventus as his “Italian love” shows the deep connection he feels towards the club and its history.

As fans speculate about what could have been if Ozil had indeed joined Juventus, one thing is for certain – his admiration for the club will always be remembered. The possibility of seeing Ozil in a Juventus jersey may be a missed opportunity, but the passion and love he feels for the club will remain in the hearts of fans.

For now, we can only imagine what it would have been like to see Mesut Ozil wearing the iconic Juventus jersey and orchestrating play on the field. Even though it may never come to pass, the thought of Ozil in Juventus colors will always be a tantalizing prospect for football fans around the world.