Programmato il tetto elettronico per le chiamate ATP a Montecarlo a partire dal prossimo anno [VIDEO]

Scanagatta. What is the assessment at the end of the tournament? You said that you have set a new record, surpassing the one set in 2023. What happened last year?

Massey: “We are thrilled with this week, it has been an incredible week of tennis. We have set a new record for attendance this year, expecting over 144,000 spectators. We are sold out, in fact. And we have also seen fantastic tennis. Now we are waiting for the final between two very competitive players, one who has already won twice, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Casper Ruud, a great player on clay, two-time finalist at Roland Garros. I hope that the fans who have followed the tournament on TV or on our social media have enjoyed it.”

Q. Regarding the 2025 calendar, the ATP is talking about combined events. Will Monte Carlo have the opportunity one day or is it impossible due to a lack of courts?

“We are pleased to have the same week and format in the calendar for next year. We have discussed the possibility of increasing the number of days and in that case we could expand the draw. And even for a combined event, it all depends on the size of the draw and the number of days. In short, we are open to these possibilities, but in the immediate future we will remain with the current format.”

Q. You also mentioned the possibility of having a roof: are you optimistic?

“We have a roof now, but it doesn’t protect very well in case of some wind, so we intend to set up a new one, larger and that works with the wind. It is actually a project in progress, it will take a couple of years. It will be on a larger court, with more spectators. At the same time, it is difficult to play the scheduled matches on the Centre Court, the capacity cannot be the same. We will play there in case of emergency, it will not be the first choice.”

Q. You said that in Monte Carlo the presence of Italians is usually around 33%. What happened with the Sinner effect?

“I don’t have the numbers yet, but I believe the percentage will be higher. The border is only ten kilometers away and Italy has these great players – not only Sinner, but also Musetti, Sonego, Fognini who has won here. The future of Italian tennis on these courts has and will have a significant impact for us.”

Q. Next year will there be electronic calls here too? Will it be a problem?

“No, we are ready and we will absolutely have electronic calls from 2025. A big change for us who have had line judges forever.”

Q. You will lose the sponsorships of the line judges…

“We have to evolve and I am sure we will find a way to do it.”

Thank you, David, for hosting Unitennis and for giving us the opportunity to show the Country Club from the inside with our videos. The rule, of course, is not to show played tennis, we appreciate that and I think it is beautiful, we have 300,000 users every day on Ubitennis, 500,000 when Sinner wins. And this site, which is truly unique, deserves to be shown.”