(Motorsport-Total.com) – Initially, everything was already decided: tire heating blankets should be officially banned for the 2024 Formula 1 season. Then this ban was postponed to 2025 and eventually completely scrapped. The problem was that Formula 1 supplier Pirelli had already done technical work and initiated the development of tires that do not need to be preheated.

Ultimately, these efforts were in vain because Formula 1 will eventually operate with tire heating blankets. However, Pirelli’s Head of Motorsport, Mario Isola, sees a positive aspect in the back and forth: “We have definitely learned a lot and gained know-how through the development work.”

“One must not forget that we supply many championships around the world. What we learn in Formula 1 can also be transferred to other championships, so it is not a waste of time.”

Criticism of Formula 1’s approach to tires

In a conversation with Motorsport-Total.com, Isola also gently criticizes the Formula 1 officials, saying, “We need stability in the rules so that we can deliver a product that meets the expectations of drivers, teams, the FIA, and Formula 1.”

Constantly changing approaches in the tire heating blanket discussion do not help the tire supplier adapt to a new situation. “Especially when goals are changed during the season or in the short term, it is difficult for us to keep up with these developments. Because we have to follow a clearly defined process and specific steps,” explains Isola.

Therefore, Pirelli’s Head of Motorsport insists on “long-term goals” so that his company can also “ensure that we achieve them.”

Why the 2023 tires will be used again in 2024

That’s why the Italian tire manufacturer decided not to introduce new rubber compounds to Formula 1 for the 2024 season but instead will continue to use the proven material from the 2023 season. Isola cites “two reasons” for this.

“First, the construction that we introduced from Silverstone 2023 is working well. Second, in our development, we focused on mixtures that can also work without tire heating blankets.”

However, since the heating blankets are still in use, Pirelli can focus on other issues. Specifically, “reducing overheating,” according to Isola. Therefore, Pirelli is developing “new tires with a different construction” for the 2025 season and will “probably” introduce new compounds as well.

“It is not possible to do this during the season,” says Isola. “So the only option is to implement these changes for the next season.”