Il secondo allenamento a Suzuka adesso in diretta!

07:50 am
Open Session Ticker now!
In ten minutes, the second practice session in Suzuka will begin and we will shift the action back to our session ticker. So, there is a short break now, after the end of FP2, we will continue here with the quotes of the day.
And if you want to know how to watch Formula 1 in Japan via live stream, you can find out here!
07:40 am
Weather Update
By the way, it’s no longer raining in Suzuka. Helmut Marko had previously predicted on ORF: “Generally, it’s just light rain, not the usual downpour where everything gets submerged.”
Nevertheless, it seems like FP2 will start on a wet track, as the second practice session begins in just 20 minutes.
07:30 am
Fine for Aston Martin
Lance Stroll was caught speeding at 80.9 km/h in the pit lane during FP1. The speed limit is only 80 km/h, and since close doesn’t count, Aston Martin will receive a fine of 100 euros. They should be able to cope with that…
07:23 am
Marko pleased with Iwasa
The Austrian explained on ORF: “Iwasa at Racing Bulls has performed very well. The gap to Yuki Tsunoda is within a second. That is a very positive performance.”
The Japanese driver finished FP1 in P16, leaving behind an Alpine, Sauber, Haas, and Williams. In the second practice session, Daniel Ricciardo will take over his car as normal.
07:13 am
An important update from the track: it’s raining! Not heavy rain, but if it continues, it will affect FP2. It will most likely start on a wet track due to the rain.
07:08 am
Wolff criticizes Masi again
Not a statement from the press conference, but even two and a half years later, Toto Wolff is still preoccupied with the events at the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi 2021. In an interview for the book The Formula, the Austrian once again criticized former race director Michael Masi.
He refers to him as “completely irrelevant” and says that he lives on the other side of the world and “nobody cares about him.” Wolff further stated: “He was really a total, pathological egomaniac.” Ouch!
You can read his full statements here.
07:02 am
End of workday
And that’s the end of the press conference. In just under an hour, action will resume on the track with FP2, and until then, we will provide you with more information and quotes directly from Suzuka here in the ticker!
06:57 am
Could Hamilton face an engine penalty?
We already know that Lewis Hamilton can no longer use the Melbourne engine this season. “It’s for the trash can,” Wolff confirmed in the press conference with a smile.
But does this mean that Hamilton will need an additional engine later in the year and therefore incur a penalty? According to Wolff, that is not yet determined at this point.
It could be that they will need an additional engine, but it could also be that they will make it through the rest of the season with the remaining units. They will have to wait and see how the season will unfold.