Programma: Tomic e “l’artista” Galarneau ai quarti a Città del Messico, in diretta alle 21

Thiago Agustin Tirante from Argentina (currently ranked 108th in the ATP) will face the British player Oliver Crawford (203) for the first time. “I’m always happy to play here, the courts are fast and I like it. However, I feel that I still need to strengthen my shots,” said the Argentine, the only South American player in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Following that, not before midnight, the match between Kazakh player Belbit Zhukayev, ranked 201, and Canadian player Alexis Galarneau, ranked 2012, will be broadcast live on SuperTennis. Zhukayev proudly emphasizes that he is Kazakh by birth and did not acquire the nationality later. He discovered tennis in 2008 during a family vacation in Turkey. It was love at first sight, and after 15 years he has reaped the most important rewards. In 2023, he reached his first Challenger final in Little Rock, won his first title on the circuit in Charlottesville, and played his first ATP match in Shanghai against Stefano Napolitano.

He will meet Galarneau for the first time, who last year in Bologna was one of the protagonists in the 3-0 victory over Italy in the first match of the Davis Cup group stage, a defeat that made the Italian comeback to their second triumph in the history of the competition even more epic. The Canadian player revealed his unusual hobby of drawing through an app on his iPad. “It keeps my mind away from other things. If I have a couple of free hours, I go on Pinterest and seek inspiration, creativity unlocks my creativity,” he told